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Snow and ice removal from around your home or place of work is an essential part of winter safety. However, injuries can happen!

When using a snow shovel make sure the shovel fits your body size and your level of strength. Using one that is too short means that you will be leaning forward more as you shovel the snow, and you are running the risk of a back injury by doing so. Choose a snow shovel that is comfortable to use and is not too long or too heavy.

The proper way to lift a shovel full of snow is to keep your back straight while bending your knees and squatting down with your legs apart. Do not throw the shovelfuls of snow over your shoulder or to the side. Instead, carry them to where you want to place the snow. Keep your arms close to your body instead of outstretched when carrying shovelfuls of snow. Doing this reduces stress placed on your back and spine.

Snow and ice removal from around your home is an essential winter safety activity.
However, injuries can happen!
Start removing the snow when the ground is lightly covered and keep clearing it often. Doing this reduces the build up of heavy, packed snow. Rather than lifting the snow, push it as much as possible. If you must lift the snow, do not overload the shovel. If the snow is deep, remove it in layers.
Putting a layer of rock salt (sodium chloride) on icy areas is an effective way to melt the ice. However, rock salt can cause damage to concrete and metal surfaces. If you or any neighbours have pets then it could be wise to pick a pet friendly ice melt. Before using any ice melting products always read the labels carefully.
Snow blowers are very effective at clearing snow and can save your back; however, they bring their own dangers. Always inspect your snow blower thoroughly before each use. Keep the machine in good repair, so make a point of ensuring the machine has enough oil and that its tires are inflated properly before use. If you are using an electric snow blower, check the cord to make sure that it hasn’t become frayed or damaged.

Snow Removal Services

It can be time consuming to choose a snow removal service, especially when there are so many to choose from in Brandon Mb. Most seasonal trades (such as yard care or lawn care services) will provide snow removal in winter to keep staff busy, employed and with the company.
It can be especially hard to choose when you are new to the service and do not know what to expect. Here are a few tips and questions, as to give you an idea if the company can do the job properly and safely!


Will the company clear snow while it is still snowing?

Some companies will but most wait to the end of a snowfall before they start their route. If it snows through the night and is still snowing in the morning, it is reasonable to expect the company to clear in the morning and return the next morning to clear the snow that fell after the first removal

What time will the work be done & how soon after the snowfall?

This may vary as the time it starts and ends snowing will affect the time of the clearing. But on a standard day, when the snow happens throughout the night, they clear by the next day. Usually the in morning, with heavy snowfalls this may push to early afternoon. You should at least expect it cleared when you return from work. Some businesses are out late at night if they get really busy

Where do they blow the snow?

It isn’t good to clear the snow from the areas, only to dump it where you don’t want it. You also don’t want to move all the snow to your neighbor’s property. Sometimes there is limited space for where to put the snow. So discuss this with the service provider.

Contract – for your peace of mind?

It is always best to get a written contract, this covers you, and if the worst happens somebody slips on your property, you have something to show you have made every effort to keep the property clear from snow.

Most contracts will not only tie the service provider in to the full winter term but the client as well. If you want flexibility or haven’t used a service with the company before, look for a contract that you can adjust or cancel at your request. Steve’s Yard Care offers snow removal with a no contract service. He also offers winter monthly billing contracts that can be cancelled anytime. Visit the website

Flexibility – from first snow

Whilst you will need to specify the dates you wish to be covered from, some companies offer the flexibility of that the beginning the contract form the ‘first snow’. This means that as soon as there is a snowfall that is deemed to be sufficient enough to need to be cleared, the service provider will be around to clear your property and start your contract from then. This also means you never have to worry about shoveling snow.


The company you choose should have liability insurance specifically for residential or commercial snow removal. $2 000,000 is sufficient. This is very important as any damage that can be caused to your property, other property, or persons by a service contracted by you will be covered on the insurance of the service provider and not your personal insurance




What equipment does the company use on a regular basis? Is it just shovels or do they have powered backpack snow blowers to clear the snow down to the concrete efficiently. Do they have an ‘Snow Thrower’ or ‘Snow Brush’ to clear the heavy snowfalls?

Some companies also have a truck mounted plow. This can be useful in parking lots or when there is snow buildup in front of drives or roadways but not so good for residential properties.

Customer Service

As with all services, they should be provided in a professional, friendly manner. The services offered should be explained to you and any questions you have should be answered.


4 tips on hiring a snow removal company

Check with your neighbours who have used a snow removal company in the past. Were they happy with the service? Was the company reliable? How did the company communicate with you?

As with any service, get estimates from at least 3 or 4 companies. Licensed companies must provide proof that they are insured and that their vehicles are in good repair.

Talk about cleaning pathways, steps and driveways. Are there extra charges for these services? Is there an extra charge for snow removal during a major storm if they have to remove snow more than once during the same day?

Most snow removal contracts have a set price per season. Find out in writing how much and don’t agree to a price over the phone. Don’t forget to ask if you can cancel the service if necessary.

Snow Removal Brandon ManitobaSnow Removal Brandon ManitobaSnow Removal Brandon Manitoba


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